About the coffee

Vocabulary for coffee lovers

“Pleasing to the palate, a full body, a deep colour.” Just like wine-tasters, coffee-lovers (or ‘caféologues’) are not short of words to describe great coffees. Find out the niceties of their vocabulary and put words in your mouth for the sensations you get.

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Espresso Expertise

By definition, espresso is a method of quickly extracting the prime coffee flavor under pressure into a single serving.  True espresso is a special blend of arabica beans darkly roasted and finely ground which are then densely packed and quickly brewed.  The perfect espresso has a crema topping - the foamy, golden brown "foam" on the top of the espresso - and a deep, satisfying coffee flavor. 

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How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

There is nothing quite like brewing a great cup of coffee.  The aroma is tantalizing and the ritual is comforting.  A perfect cup of coffee, though, requires some additional finesse.  The following tips suggested by the National Coffee Association can bring your coffee moments to a whole new level.


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