Coffee pot + lid SS-202900

Makes 12 cups
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Ref : SS-202900

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Products References Categories
Turbo Savoy EC412050 Programmable Filter Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel EC412050 Beverages
Savoy 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker EC311050 Beverages
Programmable Digital Coffee Maker EC311050 Beverages
Savoy EC311050 Beverages
12-Cup Savoy Programmable Digital Stainless Steel Coffee Maker EC314050 EC314050 Beverages
KRUPS EC311 12-Cup Savoy Programmable Digital Black Coffee Maker EC311050 EC311050 Beverages
SAVOY EC313 Coffee Maker EC313050 Beverages
12-Cup Savoy Programmable Digital Stainless Steel Digital Coffee Maker EC312050 EC312050 Beverages
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