For Krups, every detail counts

The delight of a newly made bed or a comfortably warm room. Holiday photos decorating the refrigerator door. The care shown in a handwritten letter. Perfectly foamy milk poured delicately into a smooth expresso…
The smallest details make the biggest difference throughout the day. They unite us in endearing moments and lasting memories while the slightest gestures transform and brighten our routine.
KRUPS helps you pay attention to each little detail of cooking food and preparing beverages with ease and simplicity, for the pleasure of delighting those you love.

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At Krups, we understand that wonder is created in the most minute details. Which is why, from product design to engineering, we leave nothing to chance.
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Whether serving a simple expresso or a gourmet meal, you can rely on the excellence of Krups fine products.
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Since 1956, Krups has concentrated on the quality of our appliances so you can enjoy preparing recipes and entertaining.

The details matter to us because they make all the difference to you.

Krups-Delight in the details.

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